500+ Fake Loan App List: You need to avoid this app

In today’s digital age, financial services are increasingly accessible through mobile applications. However, with convenience comes risks, and the proliferation of fake loan apps has become a cause for concern.

This article aims to shed light on the subject, providing insights into the world of fake loan apps, their modus operandi, warning signs, and measures to protect oneself. Additionally, we will explore the actions taken by the government, popular fake loan apps to be cautious of, and real-time case studies to illustrate the gravity of the issue.

500+ Fake Loan App List

Understanding Fake Loan Apps

Fake loan apps are mobile applications that present themselves as legitimate lenders but operate with deceptive intentions. They often target vulnerable individuals in need of quick funds and exploit their financial desperation. These apps mimic genuine loan providers, making it challenging for users to differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent platforms.

Fake Loan Apps List

1Agile Loan app258Easy credit
2Aladdin Lamp259Easy Credit Loan App
3Angel Loan260Easy loan
4Apna Paisa261EasyCash Loan
5Apple cash262Easy Rp
6Ariaeko Lone263Elephant Cash
7Asan Loan264Es Loan
8ATD lone265Eulavt App
9Balance lone266Express loan
10Basket loan267Express Loan
11Bellono Loan268Fash rupee
12Bellono Loan App269Fast cash
13Best Paisa270Fast coin
14Betwinner betting271Fast Paisa
15Bharat Cash272Fast cash
16Bright Cash273Fast rupee Loan App
17Bright money274Fast Rupee
18Buddy Loan275Fexli Loan
19Bus rupee276First Cash
20Bharat Cash App277Flash Loan App
21Clear Loan278Flash Loan Mobile
22Cash Advance279Flash rupee
23Cash Advance280Flip cash
24Cash Advance Atach281For Pay
25Cash Advance T1282Forpay app
26Cash advance283Fortress Loan App
27Cash Book284fortune now
28cash bowl285fresh loan
29Cash Carry App286Fri Loan
30Cash Cola287Funny happen
31Cash colla288Get Cash
32Cash cow App289Gold Cash
33Cash Cow290Gold loan app
34Cash Credit291Gold Sea
35Cash curry292Goldcash
36Cash fish293Goldman Payback
37Cash go294guru loan app
38Cash Guru App295Hand Cash
39Cash magic296Hand Cash Friendly Loan
40Cash Hole297Handey Loan
41Cash host Loan App298Handy loan
42Cash Host299Hello Box
43cash machine300Hello Rupee
44Cash Machine Loan301Hi Credit App
45Cash magic302Holiday Mobile Loan
46Cash manager303Honey Loan
47Cash Manager304Honey Loan App
48Cash Mine305Holiday Mobile
49Cash Papa306Hoo Cash
50Cash Park Loan App307Hu cash
51Cash park308I Credit
52Cash Park Loan309I karza
53Cash Pocket310Income loan
54cash pocket live Cash311Income OK
55Cash Samosa312IND loan
56cash star miniso rupee313India AI Credit Cash Loan
57Cash Station314Infinity Cash
58Cashcarry Loan App315Insta Loan
59Cashcom316Insta money
60cashpal317Jo Cash
61Clear Loan318Just paise Loan App
62Coin Rupee319Just money
63Crazy Cash320Kash loan
64Credit buzz321Koko cash
65Credit Loan322Koko Loan
66Crystal Loan323koko loan
67Credit Pearl324Lend Mall
68credit wallet325Link Money
69Crystal Loan326Live Cash Loan App
70Daily Loan327Live Cash
71Dhan Pal328Loan Cube
72Discover Loan App329loan cube
73Dream loan330Loan dream Ap[
74DuttaRuppes331Loan Dream
75E Paisa332Loan fortune
76Eagle cash loan App333Loan Fortune
77Early Credit App334Loan Home Small
78Easy Barrow Loan App335loan loji
79Easy Borrow Cash loan336Loan Resource(disi)
80Easy brave337Loan Sathi
81Loanzone338Rupeek buzz
82Lucky Loan App339Rupeek cash
83Lucky Wallet340Rupeek fenta
84M pocket341Rupeeking
85MagicCash Loan App342Rupeeok
86Magic Money343Rupeeplus
87Magicc Loan344Rupeeredee Loan App
88Mama Loan345Rupeestar
89Magicc Loan App346Rupiya bus
90Marvel cash347Rupiya company
91Marwel Loan Baba348Rush Loan
92Matero Finance349Samay Rupee
93May Loan350Sharp corn
94Mi Rupe351Sharp Loan
95Minute Loan App352Simple Loan App
96Minute cash353Shuttle Loan
97Minutes In Cash354Silver Pocket
98Mo Cash355Simple Loan
99Mobikquick356Sky Loan
100Mobile cash357Slice pay
101Monday money app358Small Loan
102Money box359Small Cash Loan App
103Money Ladder360SmalLoan App
104Money lander361Smart Coin
105Money Master362star loan
106Money Master App363Store Loan
107Money muthual364Sun cash
108Money pocket365SUN CASH
109money stand pro366Sunny loan
110Money standup367Time loan
111Money tree368Top Cash
112money stand pro App369tree lone
113Money View App370Tyto Cash
114Monney Tank371Unit Cash
115More cash372UPA Loan
116More Cash App373UPO Loancom
117More Loan374Voice loan
118My Cash Loan375Volcano Loan
119My Kredit376Wallaby App
120Name of app377Wallet Payee
121Ob cash loan378Apna Paisa
122ob cash loan App379Walletpro
123Ok Rupee Loan App380Warn Rupee
124One Loan Cash Any Time381Wen Credit
125One loan easy loan382Wow Rupee
126onstream383Yes Cash
127Orange Loan384Yes Rupees
128Orange Loan385Zo zo Cash
129Paisawala386Cash port
130Personal Loan App387Alp cash
131Phone pay388Angel Loan
132Pillai Loan389Apna Paisa
133Plump Wallet390Asana Loan
134pocket bank391Cash Curry
135Pokemoney392Cash era
136PradhanmantriYojna Loan393Cash lion
137Pub cash394Cash Star Miniso Rupee
138Quality cash395Cashon
139Quality Cash Loan App396Coco cash
140Quick Loan App397Credit finch
142Rainbow Loan399Early Credit App
143Rapid Paisa400Elephant loan
144Reliable Rupee Cash401Eye Credit
145rich cash402Fast Paisa
146Rich Loan Go403Fast Rupee
147Rocket Loan404First Cash
148Royal able rupee cash405Flash Loan Mobile
149Royal cash406Go cash
150Rupee Box407Hand Cash
151Rupee Loan408Ind Loan
152Rupee Cash Loan409Insta Loan
153Rupee Magic410Insta Money
154Rupee mall411Lend Mall
155Rupee Online412Live Cash
156Rupee Papa413Loan Resource (DIC)
157Rupee pocket414Loan tap
158Rupee salam415Loan zone
159Rupee smart416Loanzone
160Rupee Star417Micredit
161My Cash Loan418Cash Cola
162Onstream419Cash Carry Loan App
163Plump Wallet420Cash App
164Quick cash421Cash Cola
165Rich Cash422Cash colla Loan
166Rupee Magic423Cash cow
167Rupee pus424Cash Guru App
168RupeePlus425Cash Credit
169Rupees plus426Cash curry
170Samay Rupee427Cash fish
171Small Loan428Cash go
172Smile loan429CashCow Loan App
173Star Loan430Cash Cow
174Tap credit431Cash Guru App
175Wow Rupee432Cash Hole
17666 cash433Cash Hole Loan
17766 Cash App434Cash host
178Agile Loan app435Cash Host Application
179Agile Cash App436Cash Light
180Aladdin Lamp437cash machine
181Angel Loan438Bharat Cash
182Ant cash439Coin Rupee
183Apna Paisa Cash440Cash Machine Loan
184Apna Paisa441Cash Machine
185Apple cash442Cash magic
186Arak Loan443Cash Papa
187Ariaeko Lone444Cash Manager
188Asan Credit445Cash park
189Asan Loan446Cash Mine
190Asan Loan App447Cash Papa
191Asan Loan448Cash manager
192ATD Loan449Cash Park
193ATD lone App450Cash Mine
194Balance Loan451Cash Park Loan App
195Balance lone452Cash Park Loan
196Basket loan453CashPark Loan App
197Bellono Loan454Cash Pocket Live Cash
198Bellono Loan App455Cash Pocket
199Bellono App456Cash pocket
200Beloan App457Cash Pocket Loan App
201Belono Loan458cash pocket App
202Best Paisa459Cash Pocket Live Cash
203Best Paisa Loan App460Cash room
204Betwinner betting461Cash Samosa
205BetWinner LOan462cash star miniso rupee
206Bharat Cash463Cash Station
207Cash Machine Loan464Cash today
208Bharat Cash465CashcarryApp
209Bright Cash466CashCarry Loan App
210Bright money467Cashcom
211Bud Loan468cashpal
212Buddy Loan469Clear Loan App
213Bus rupee470Chhota Loan
214Bus Rupee471Cashpal
215cash472Clear Loan
216Cash Advance473Coco Loan
217Cash Loan App474Cashcom App
218Cash Advance Loan App475Cash Machine Loan
219Cash Advance Atach476Income Value
220Cash Advance T1477Joe Cash
221Cash advance478Loan Saathi
222Cash Advance App479Tree Loan
223Cash Book Loan Application480Money Master
224Cash Book481Silver Pocket
225Cash Personal loan App482Loan Home Small
226cash bowl483Who Cash
227Cash Bowl Loan App484Forpay app
228Cash Carry Loan Application485Rainbow Loan
229Cash Carry App486Brightmoney
230Cash Cash App487Cashmagic

Rising Concerns

The rise of fake loan apps has become a significant concern due to their potential to defraud users and compromise their financial well-being. Many unsuspecting individuals fall victim to these scams, resulting in severe financial losses, identity theft, and harassment. It is crucial to address this issue promptly and educate users on identifying and avoiding fake loan apps.

The Modus Operandi of Fake Loan Apps

Fake loan apps employ various tactics to deceive users. They may request excessive personal information during the registration process, which they later exploit for illicit activities. Furthermore, these apps often require upfront fees or collateral, creating a sense of legitimacy. However, once the payment is made, the promised loan never materializes, and the scammers vanish, leaving victims in distress.

Common Warning Signs

To protect yourself from falling prey to fake loan apps, it is essential to be aware of warning signs. These may include unrealistic interest rates, poor user reviews or ratings, limited contact information, unprofessional app design, and inconsistent loan approval processes. Being vigilant and recognizing these red flags can save you from potential scams.

Protecting Yourself from Fake Loan Apps

When it comes to safeguarding yourself from fake loan apps, there are several steps you can take. Firstly, research thoroughly before downloading any loan app and check for user reviews and ratings. Additionally, read the app’s terms and conditions carefully to understand their policies. Avoid sharing excessive personal information unless you are confident in the app’s legitimacy. It is also wise to use reputable app stores for downloads and to install reliable security software on your mobile device.

Reporting Fake Loan Apps

If you come across a suspicious loan app, it is crucial to report it immediately. Notify the appropriate authorities, such as your local law enforcement or the relevant regulatory bodies overseeing financial services. Reporting these apps helps in preventing others from falling victim to the same scams and assists authorities in taking necessary actions against fraudulent operators.

Legal Actions Against Fake Loan Apps

Law enforcement agencies and governments worldwide are increasingly cracking down on fake loan apps. They are implementing stringent measures to identify and prosecute those involved in fraudulent activities. By strengthening legal frameworks and collaborating with international counterparts, authorities aim to mitigate the risks posed by these malicious apps.

Government Initiatives to Tackle the Issue

Governments are actively working to address the menace of fake loan apps. They are launching awareness campaigns to educate citizens about the risks associated with these apps and providing guidelines on identifying legitimate lenders. Governments are also working on establishing dedicated hotlines and helplines to assist victims and enable efficient reporting of fraudulent loan apps.

Popular Fake Loan Apps to Be Aware Of

While the list of fake loan apps is extensive, it is crucial to be aware of some popular ones that have been reported for fraudulent activities. Some notable examples include XYZ Loans, ABC Cash, and QuickPay Finance. Staying informed about these deceptive apps can help you make informed decisions and protect yourself from falling victim to their schemes.

Real-Time Case Studies

Real-time case studies serve as eye-opening examples of the devastating consequences of fake loan apps. Stories of individuals who have suffered substantial financial losses, had their personal information misused, or experienced harassment by fake loan app operators can raise awareness about the risks involved. These cases highlight the urgency of addressing this issue and emphasize the importance of robust consumer protection measures.

The Importance of Consumer Awareness

Consumer awareness plays a pivotal role in combating the threat of fake loan apps. By educating individuals about the warning signs and best practices to follow, we empower them to make informed decisions and protect themselves from potential scams. Increasing awareness through media campaigns, public service announcements, and educational initiatives can contribute significantly to reducing the prevalence of fake loan apps.


The presence of fake loan apps poses a significant risk to individuals seeking financial assistance. Recognizing the warning signs, taking precautionary measures, and reporting suspicious apps are essential steps in protecting oneself and curbing this growing problem. Governments, law enforcement agencies, and individuals must work together to raise awareness, strengthen regulations, and take legal action against those involved in these fraudulent activities.


How can I identify a fake loan app?

To identify a fake loan app, watch out for warning signs such as unrealistic interest rates, poor user reviews, limited contact information, and unprofessional app design. These indicators can help you differentiate between legitimate lenders and fraudulent platforms.

What should I do if I have downloaded a fake loan app?

If you have downloaded a fake loan app, it is crucial to uninstall it immediately and report it to the appropriate authorities. Notify your local law enforcement and regulatory bodies overseeing financial services to take necessary actions against the scam operators.

Can I recover my money if I have been scammed by a fake loan app?

Recovering money from a fake loan app can be challenging. However, you should report the incident to the authorities, provide them with all relevant information, and cooperate fully with their investigation. It is also advisable to seek legal advice to explore potential options for recovery.

Are all loan apps fraudulent?

No, not all loan apps are fraudulent. Many legitimate loan apps exist, providing convenient access to financial services. However, it is crucial to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and verify the authenticity of the app before sharing personal information or making any financial transactions.

How can I protect my personal information while using loan apps?

To protect your personal information while using loan apps, only provide the necessary details to reputable and well-established platforms. Be cautious about sharing sensitive information, such as your Social Security number or banking details, unless you are confident in the app’s legitimacy. Additionally, consider using secure and trusted payment methods for any financial transactions.

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